Premium cuts to choose: Steaks, Burritos, Pork Ribs, Filet Mignon…


The King Kobe, Elk Brunch Burger, Alpine Mushroom Swiss…


Asiago & Garlic Ravioli, Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, Thai Chicken Pasta


House-Made Gelato, Cookie Sundae, French Citrus Custard, Turtle Cake…

Our Menu

*GS – Grill Specialties     *GF – Can be Made Gluten Free     *Vn – Can be Made Vegan

  • Jalapeño Beer Fries $6.29     *GS *Vn

Hearty bowl of fries dusted with jalapeño powder and spices served with our spiced up beer cheese soup


  •  House Potato Chips $7.79     *GF

Fresh made and served with our house-made bacon & bleu cheese fondue


  • Tempura Green Beans $6.99     *Vn

Battered green beans fried to a crisp served with our house-made dill aioli


  • Chips & Salsa $4.49     *Vn *GF

+Beer Cheese Soup $1.59
+Guacamole $2.99

  • Fully Loaded Nachos

Crispy corn chips, melted cheddar and veggie chili served with our house-made beer cheese soup, salsa and sour cream

Half Size $7.29
Full Size $10.29
+Spicy Chicken $2.99
+Pork Verde $3.49
+Smoked Brisket with Queso Fundido $3.79


  • Beehive Quesadilla $9.49

Cheddar and jack cheese grilled in a large flour tortilla served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. choose between chicken, chiles and peppers, pork verde or smoked smoked brisket with roasted corn salsa

Choose One:
-Chiles & Peppers
-Pork Verde
-Smoked Brisket with Roasted Corn Salsa


  • House-Breaded Boneless Chicken Wings $9.79     *GS

8oz of chicken, cherry pepper slaw and spicy wing sauce


  • Coconut Shrimp $9.79     *GS

Sweet and spicy thai sambal


  • Roasted Garlic Hummus $7.89     *Vn *GF

Tomato, olive relish and feta cheese served with pita wedges


  • Smokehouse Spinach Dip $8.99     *GS *GF

Blend of smoked bacon, spinach, artichoke heart, herbed cream cheese and topped with parmesan


  • Flash Fried Calamari $9.99     *GS

Breaded calamari perfectly fried and drizzled with our thai chile aioli


  • Hive Wings $12.49     *GF

(8) tasty wings available in 3 flavors: BBQ, Spicy Buffalo and Fiery Furnace served with celery and bleu cheese or ranch


  • Jalapeño Cornbread $4.79      *GS

Served with honey chipotle butter

Half Order $3.49


  • Potato Skins $7.79     *GF

Six deep-fried wedges topped with melted jack and cheddar, chopped bacon, jalapeños and green onions served with chipotle ranch


  • Korean Cauliflower $7.99     *GS *Vn

Gochujang, korean slaw


  • Skillet Bacon Mac & Cheese $7.99

Sharp cheddar, cavatappi, applewood bacon


  • Upgrade Any Dinner Salad

Wedge $2.49

Chop $2.49

Caesar $2.49

Greek $2.49

  • Mediterranean Gyro Salad $11.79     *GS

Grilled seasoned beef sliced on a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, feta cheese, kalamata olives and pepperoncinis served with our greek vinaigrette and pita wedges


  •  Beehive Chop $11.49     *GF

Crisp greens, roma tomatoes, bacon, bleu cheese and chopped egg served with house vinaigrette and topped with grilled chicken


  •  Bay Shrimp Club $12.99      *GS *GF

Mixed greens, avocado, bay shrimp, tomatoes, petite peas, egg and crisp bacon with honey-mustard vinaigrette


  •  Chicken Caesar $10.99     *GS *GF

Crisp romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, fresh parmesan and croutons tossed in our house-made caesar dressing and topped with grilled chicken


  • Steak Wedge $14.99     *GF

Crisp butter lettuce, roma tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, bleu cheese and topped with 7oz grilled ribeye (medium) and crispy potato curls


  • Chinese Chicken $11.79

Napa cabbage, mixed greens, carrots, sugared almonds, soy ginger vinaigrette, grilled chicken, crispy wontons


  • Caprese $9.99     *Vn *GF

Mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and balsamic


  • Asian-Beef Noodle $13.99     *GS

Thai marinated beef tenderloin, Asian noodles, Napa cabbage, carrots, red pepper, cucumber, mango, candied peanuts, toasted coconut, sambal vinaigrette


  • Soup & Salad Combo $8.99

perfect combination of house, caesar or wedge salad paired with a cup of soup or veggie chili


    • Garden Burger $10.29     *Vn *GF

    Patty made with soy beans, brown rice, veggies and sprouts with sunflower-cilantro vinaigrette and choice of fries, onion rings or coleslaw.


    • Caprese Pita  $9.99     *Vn

    Sliced fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, balsamic and olive oil wrapped in a pita and served with soup or a dinner salad.


    • Ah-Ha Quinoa $10.99     *Vn *GF

    Red quinoa, 3 bean trio, roasted corn, tomatoes, green chile, avocado, pepitas, served with soup or dinner salad

    • Asian Vegetable Stir Fry $10.79     *Vn

    Blended vegetables, rice pilaf and house teriyaki glaze served with soup or dinner salad

    + Chicken $3.49

    • Asiago & Garlic Ravioli $14.49

    Creamy blend of asiago and garlic stuffed ravioli tossed in our sundried tomato pesto cream with mushrooms and fresh spinach topped with parsley and parmesan served with garlic toast.

    +Chicken $3.49
    +Shrimp $4.99


    • Southwest Chicken Pasta $15.79

    Grilled chicken, roasted corn-salsa, tomatoes, linguini, spinach, roasted chiles and chipotle alfredo served with garlic toast.

    • Thai Chicken Pasta $15.29     *GS

    Angel hair pasta, chicken, carrots, red pepper and red onion tossed with thai curry-peanut sauce, fresh cucumber salad and candied peanuts.

    • Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo $15.79

    Grilled chicken breast, freshly steamed broccoli and diced tomatoes tossed in our creamy house-made alfredo sauce and penne pasta served with garlic toast.

    • Carbonara Mac ‘N’ Cheese $14.99

    Sharp cheddar, cavatappi pasta, applewood smoked bacon, and petite peas. Served with a side of garlic bread.

    • Asian Chicken $16.29

    flame grilled, house teriyaki, rice pilaf and served with freshly steamed vegetables

    • Chicken Fried Chicken $15.99

    hand-breaded and fried to perfection with mashed potatoes smothered in our house-made country gravy and served with freshly steamed vegetables

    • Memphis BBQ Chicken $16.29     *GS *GF

    marinated and basted with house BBQ sauce with a choice of side and served with freshly steamed vegetables

    • Veggie Chili     *GS *GF

    thick and chunky – we seriously pack the veggies in!

    Cup $3.49

    Bowl $5.49


    • Cuban Black Bean     *Vn *GF

    topped with tortilla strips and avocado-tomatillo crema

    Cup $3.49

    Bowl $5.49


      • Beer Cheese

      smooth blend of aged cheeses and our fresh ale

      Cup $3.49

      Bowl $5.49


      • Soup of the Day

      ask your server for today’s selection

      Cup $3.49

      Bowl $5.49


      • Add Jalapeno Cornbread $4.79

      served with chipotle butter

      Half Order $3.49

      • Slice of Artisian Bread $1.795

      served with butter


      Served with house fries. Substitute onion rings or sweet potato fries +$1

      The King Kobe $14.79     *GS *GF

      Domestic Kobe beef patty, applewood smoked bacon, swiss, house-made onion jam and bleu cheese aioli


      • Juicy Lucy  $11.49     GS *GF

      2 quarter pound Angus Chuck patties, 2 slices of American cheese and house burger sauce


      • Santa Monica Patty Melt $12.49     *GF

      grilled sourdough, avocado, swiss, grilled onions, bacon and house burger sauce


      • Alpine Mushroom Swiss $11.99     *GF

      fresh sauteed mushrooms, garlic mayo and swiss cheese

      • Tex Mex Turkey $10.99     *GF

      6oz turkey burger served with jack cheese, roasted poblanos, tomato-avocado salsa


      • Smokehouse BBQ $12.49     *GF

      bacon, cheddar cheese, onion straws, BBQ mayo and served with our house-made BBQ sauce

      • Caprese Italian $12.49     *GF

      mozzarella, basil aioli, sundried tomatoes and balsamic onions


      • Elk Brunch Burger $15.29     *GS *GF

      all the best things about brunch on an elk burger! fried egg, applewood smoked bacon and green chile-hollandaise


      • Pastrami $12.49     *GF

      thick burger patty topped with pastrami, garlic mayo and swiss


      • Guacamole Jalapeño-Bacon $12.79     *GF

      house-made guacamole, jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon and jack cheese

      • Bleu Cheese BLT Slaw Burger $12.99     *GF

      bacon, blue cheese slaw, bleu fondue

      • Sriracha Slaw Burger $12.49     *GF

      Korean slaw, jalapeno-bacon jam, fried egg

      • Carolina Slaw Burger $12.99     *GF

      pulled pork, cherry pepper slaw, house BBQ, monterry cheese

      • Texan Slaw Burger $14.99     *GF

      smoked brisket, house BBQ, onion ring, traditional slaw


      Served with house fries. Substitute onion rings or sweet potato fries +$1

      • Ribeye Steak Standwich $14.99

      flame grilled ribeye, cheddar-jack, tomato, chipotle BBQ mayo, lettuce and onion ring straws served on a french roll


      • The Hive Club $11.29

      thin sliced smoked turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and aioli on grilled sourdough bread


      • Beehive Reuben $9.99     *GS

      thin sliced corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing served on grilled rye bread

      • Pub-Style Fish Sandwich $11.29

      ale-battered cod or blackened tilapia, house-made tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion served on a french roll

      • Beehive Cheese Steak $12.59     *GS

      thin sliced prime rib, grilled onions, bell peppers and mushrooms topped with our house-made beer-cheese sauce served on a toasted hoagie roll

      • Pulled BBQ Pork $9.29     *GS *GF

      slow-cooked pulled pork, cherry pepper slaw, onion ring straws and house BBQ sauce served on a toasted bun


      • Turkey Bacon Avocado Melt $11.49     *GF

      thin sliced smoked turkey breast, bacon, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and red pepper aioli served on toasted ciabatta


      • Rhode Island Red $10.49     *GS

      AKA: “killer fried chicken sandwich” hand-breaded, zesty slaw, rooster sauce and bread & butter pickles served on a toasted bun


      • Southwest Chicken $11.49     *GS

      grilled chicken, guacamole, jack cheese, tomato relish and baja sauce served on toasted ciabatta


      • Gyro Pita $10.49

      grilled seasoned beef slices, lettuce, tomato, feta, onions and tzatziki sauce in a toasted pita


      • Southwest Chicken Wrap $9.99

      tender char-broiled chicken breast, shredded cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion wrapped in a chipotle tortilla


      Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon $21.99     *GS *GF

      6oz thick filet mignon wrapped in applewood smoked bacon served with freshly steamed vegetables and your choice of side


      • Ribeye Steak $27.99     *GF

      12oz hand-cut choice ribeye steak cooked to order served with vegetables and choice of side


      • Country Fried Steak $15.99

      tender sirloin, hand-breaded and fried to perfection with mashed potatoes, smothered in our house-made country gravy and served with vegetables


      • Chile Verde Burrito $11.29     *GS

      tender slow-cooked pork in traditional green chile sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with cheddar and jack, pico de gallo, olive and green onion, served with rice pilaf and choice of veggie chili, soup or dinner salad


      • Slow Roasted Prime Rib (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)     *GF

      (available after 5pm, fri & sat) choice prime rib that we slow roast in-house served with our creamed horseradish sauce, au jus, vegetables and choice of side

      10 oz $25.99

      16 oz $32.99

      • Baby Back Pork Ribs $21.49 (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)     *GS *GF

      half rack of pork ribs slow smoked and seasoned with our original malt rub, then glazed with our house-made BBQ sauce served with your choice of fries or onion rings


      • Fork Tender Pot Roast $16.79

      8oz chuck pot roast, beef jus, garlic mashed potatoes and freshly steamed vegetables


      • Upgrade Any Dinner Salad

      Wedge $2.49

      Chop $2.49

      Caesar $2.49

      Greek $2.49

      • Beehive Tacos

      three soft flour or soft corn tortillas with your choice of protein, cabbage slaw, avocado and baja sauce with veggie chili, rice pilaf and salsa

      Beer-Battered Cod $11.49

      baja sauce, guacamole

      Coconut Shrimp $11.79

      sweet thai chile, guacamole

      Blackened Tilapia $12.49     *GF

      baja sauce, guacamole

      Steak $14.29     *GF

      baja sauce, corn salsa, guacamole

      Korean Cauliflower $11.29     *Vn

      gochujang-korean slaw



      • Fish ‘N’ Chips $12.49

      beer-battered cod fried golden brown served with fries, coleslaw, side of house-made tartar sauce, malt vinegar and lemon


      • Large Hand-Battered Shrimp $15.49     *GS

      (6) prawns with house cocktail sauce served with soup or dinner salad and choice of side


      • Asian Glazed Salmon $19.49     *GS

      fresh house-marinated atlantic fillet served with a dinner salad, freshly steamed vegetables and your choice of side

      • House Fries     *GF

      side $3.49

      bowl $6.49

      • 4 Grilled or Beer Battered Shrimp $4.99

      • Half Rack of Ribs $14.99     *GF

      • Baked Potato $2.79     *GF

      • Garden Dinner Salad $3.49     *GF

      • Onion Rings

      when substituting onion rings for house fries on any meal which they are included + $1

      side $4.49

      bowl $7.49


      • Sweet Potato Fries

      when substituting sweet potato fries for house fries on any meal which they are included + $1

      side $3.79

      bowl $7.49

      • 3 Coconut Shrimp $5.49

      • Rice Pilaf $3.49     *GF *Vn

      • Garlic Red Potatoes $2.79     *GF

      • Upgraded Side Salad $5.79

      your choice of wedge, chop, caesar or greek

      • Turtle Cake $5.29     *GS

      Rich caramel with chocolate chips and roasted almonds, layered in milk chocolate cake and finished with a dollop of fresh whipped cream


      • French Citrus Custard $4.79     *GF

      Lemon infused custard topped with fresh seasonal berries


      • House-Made Gelato     *GF

      12 daily flavors

      Small $3.99

      Large $4.79


      • Gelato Nut Roll $5.29     *GF

      Sweet vanilla cream or peanut butter gelato rolled in cashews or almonds and topped with caramel or chocolate


      • Skillet Cookie Sundae $5.29     *GS

      Peanut Butter Cup: Warm double-semi sweet cookie topped with peanut butter gelato. Please allow at least 7 minutes to bake and prepare.

      Tropical Chocolate Chunk: Warm double-semi sweet cookie topped with sweet cream gelato, chocolate chips, macadamia, coconut


      • Belgian “Liege” Waffle $5.29

      pearl sugar, fresh seasonal berries, sweet cream gelato


      • Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea, Hot Chocolate $2.99

      • Juice: Cranberry, Apple, Orange $3.49

      • Large Milk or Chocolate Milk $3.00
      • Kid’s Milk or Chocolate Milk $1.50

      • Soda & Lemonade $2.99
      • Kid’s Soda $0.99

      Coke products (Coke, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Minute Maid Lemonade, Mountain Blast Powerade, Sprite, Mello Yellow) – free refills


      • Beehive Specialty Lemonade $3.49

      peach or strawberry puree / fresh lemon / lemonade

      • Red Bull $3.99

      • Beehive Brewed Root Beer & Ginger Beer

      20oz glass $2.99

      1/2 Gal Growler $14.99

      Growler Refill $11.99

        • Strawberry Mule (non-alcoholic) $3.99

        strawberry puree / fresh lime / house ginger beer

        • La Vielle Ferme / Rose / Rhone Valley France

        glass $7.00

        bottle $34.00

        • Montevina / White Zinfandel / California

        glass $6.00

        bottle $28.00

        • Concannon / Pinot Grigio / California

        glass $7.00

        bottle $32.00

        • Matua / Sauvignon Blanc / New Zealand

        glass $7.00

        bottle $32.00


          • CK Mondavi / Chardonnay / California

          glass $7.00


              • JLohr / Chardonnay / California

              glass $8.00

              bottle $40.00

              RED WINE
              • A to Z / Pinot Noir /

              glass $9

              bottle $42.00

              • Alamos / Malbec / Argentina

              glass $8

              bottle $34.00

              • CK Mondavi / Merlot / Califonia

              glass $7.00


              • JLohr / Merlot

              glass $8

              bottle $40.00

              • JLohr Seven Oaks / Cabernet / California

              glass $10.00

              bottle $45.00

              • Robert Mondavi “Bourbon Aged” / Cabernet / California

              glass $8.00

              bottle $36.00

              • Utah $9

              Salt City Vodka / house ginger beer / fresh lime & mint

              • Kentucky $10

              Woodford Bourbon / house ginger beer / fresh lime & mint

              • Mexican $9

              Hornitos Tequila / house ginger beer / fresh lime & mint


              • Irish $10

              Jameson Whiskey / house ginger beer / fresh lime & mint


              • Scottish $9

              Dewer’s Scotch / house ginger beer / fresh lime & mint


              • Peach $9

              Porters Peach Whiskey Liqueur / house ginger beer / fresh lime & mint


              • Bear Lake Lemon Drop $8

              smirnoff citrus vodka / triple sec / fresh lemon / raspberry liqueur


              • Fresh Take Cosmo $9

              salt city vodak / st germain / raspberry juice / cointreau


              • Fishbowl $10

              smirnoff citrus vodka / malibu rum / smirnoff raspberry / peach schnapps / curacao / sprite / sweet & sour


              • Naughty Root Beer $8

              smirnoff vanilla vodka / beehive root beer


              • Blackberry Bramble $8

              hornitos tequila / fresh blackberries / rosemary / fresh lamon / agave


              • Best Damn Margarita $11

              hornitos plata silver tequila / grand marnier / fresh lime / agave


              • Gin Basil Smash $8

              jack rabit gin / simple syrup / muddled orange & basil


              • Beehive Fizz $8

              jack rabit gin /fresh cucumber / fresh lime / simple syrup / splash of house ginger beer


              • Dark & Stormy $9

              mt gay dark rum / house ginger beer / fresh lime


              • Beehive Old Fashioned $10

              highwest double rye / sugar cube / fresh orange / bitters / brandied cherry


              • Manhattan Sour $10

              woodford bourbon / fresh lemon / simple syrup / malbec float

              LIGHT BEER
              • Blonde Ale

              Kiitos, Salt Lake City

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

              • Zwickelbeir

              Red Rock, Salt Lake City

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

              • Coffee Cream Ale

              Kiitos, Salt Lake City

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

              • Golden Spike Hefeweizen

              Uintah, Salt Lake City

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00


              • Bee’s Knees Honey Wheat

              Roosters, Ogden

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00


              MEDIUM BEER
              • Our Share IPA

              Wasatch, Salt Lake City

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

              • Johnny’s American IPA

              Moab Brewery, Moab

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

              • Hazy Nosh IPA

              Uintah, Salt Lake City

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

              • Viennese Amber Lager

              Bohemian, Midvale

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00


              • Amber Ale

              Red Rock, Ogden

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00


              DARK BEER
              • O-Town Nut Brown

              Roosters, Ogden

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

              • Black Raven Oatmeal Stout

              Moab Brewery, Moab

              16oz Pint $5.00

              3oz Sample $1.00

                *GS – Grill Specialties     *GF – Can be Made Gluten Free     *Vn – Can be Made Vegan

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